Poll Workers Cheating or Bad Video?

I’m as upset as the next guy and gal about the way this election, Trump vs. Biden, has gone. From the lousy poll numbers leading up to the election, which were so far off as to be laughable, to the controversy surrounding the mail-in ballots, it has been the worst election I can remember — and I can remember 2000.

Right now, there is a video circulating (link below) that shows a woman marking ballots in a poll counting room. She is very clearly pulling them from one stack, marking them, and placing them in another stack. Other people in the room, including a security guard, are watching her do it, yet she does not seem at all concerned about their presence. If it is fraud, you can’t tell by her lack of concern.

I originally wrote that this video was low-res because someone over compressed the video and lowered the resolution. It turns out that the video of the woman marking the ballots was from a livestream of the polling location. There were poll watchers present, able to see whether there were any shenanigans. I also noticed that the blank ballot to the woman’s left was already filled in, but the circles were faintly colored.

Perhaps, we should consider whether someone who can’t be bothered to fill their ballot in correctly should have their vote counted. The types of forms they are using for ballots have been around for more than fifty years, yet some people still can’t follow the simple directions that appear at the top of every ballot. Make sure you blacken the circle so that your ballot is counted correctly. If it is too much to ask that the voter take a little responsibility for filling in the ballot so that it can be read by the machine, then maybe we should put the same thoughtlessness into counting their ballot.





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