Why I Hate Libertarians

Libertarians cut the vote. A Libertarian would cut off his nose to spite his face. They think they are acting on principle by running presidential candidates, but the truth is that they are simply taking votes away from primarily Republican candidates.

Libertarians never win, because their views are too extreme for most people. The closest thing we have to libertarian policies exists in the Republican party, and there are Republicans who are actually realistic Libertarians — Rand Paul, for instance. They know they have to be Republican to win.

One look at the presidential campaign map on any major news site reveals one glaring issue in swing states where Trump lost: the Libertarian vote was nearly twice Trump’s deficit. When there is no Libertarian candidate, they typically vote with Republicans, or not at all. Donald Trump has been the most Libertarian president we have had in a very long time and they had good reason to support him. Instead, they allowed the swamp monsters to take the election and rebuild the corrupt apparatus that allowed them to cheat and steal with impunity.

If we look at the USA Today election results page today (link), there are four toss-up states where the Libertarian vote would have swung the election. They are leaning or called for Biden and the odds are increasingly in his favor that they will all go for Biden. These states are as follows: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Currently, as of Nov 7, 2020 at 11:13 EST, the results are:

  • Pennsylvania:
    • Biden (D) : 3,337,069
    • Trump (R) : 3,308,192
    • Jo Jorgensen (L) : 77,116
  • Georgia:
    • Biden (D) : 2,461,455
    • Trump (R) : 2,454,207
    • Jo Jorgensen (L) : 61,792
  • Wisconsin
    • Biden : 1,630,570
    • Trump: 1,610,030
    • Jorgensen: 38,415
  • Arizona
    • Biden: 1,626,943
    • Trump: 1,606,370
    • Jorgensen: 49,182

If it were not for the Libertarian candidate, Trump would have probably won these states handily. I get that people don’t like him, but he was actually making changes. The changes were for the better. Yes, it sucked having a president who used Twitter diplomacy, but it’s not like he had much choice, and he actually did the job. He exposed just how deep the swamp in DC is and how filthy it is. Anytime you try to clean up something that filthy, you end up looking and smelling just awful, but he did the job nobody else wanted to do.

Now, we are stuck in the outhouse for the next four years, living amidst the Biden-Harris sewage dump. Libertarians are as at fault as anyone else, deserving every ounce of blame we can throw at them. Their reputations need to stink like the feces we will be wading in.





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