No Vaccine Until End of 2021 – Remember?

Let me remind you, now that the vaccine has been announced. The dishonesty of the mainstream media was on full display this past year. They didn’t even pretend. The mask is off: of the media, that is.

Just wait until January when they start praising Biden’s response. You won’t hear any credit for President Trump, despite the fact that he made it possible for pharmaceutical companies to speed up production and approval. Biden had NOTHING to do with it. It was Trump and the big pharma scientists who knocked it out so soon. Pfizer had to wait until after the election, though, just to avoid accusations that they were trying to influence the election. They crapped on the guy who made it possible for them to do what they did. Today is November 15, 2020.

Coronavirus vaccine won’t be ready until end of 2021 under “most optimistic” scenario – European expert – April 28, 2020 CNN

A coronavirus vaccine probably won’t be ready before the end of 2021, according to a Swiss pharmaceutical giant – April 20, 2020 Business Insider

Bill Gates: This is how long it may take before Americans ‘can be completely safe’ from COVID-19 – April 8, 2020 CNBC

Those are just a few of the stories. They all say more or less the same thing, although you’ll notice, if you read the articles, that the BI article also left the reader with hope for a vaccine by the end of the year. It wasn’t in the headline, so you wouldn’t know it if you just skimmed the headlines. You actually had to read the article.

We have a vaccine. It is in production. They have worked out a deployment strategy that is very complex due to the nature of the vaccine. The vaccine requires special storage and they have also taken into account the possibility of theft and terrorist attacks.

Recently, Cuomo and Biden have come out attacking the President on his handling of the pandemic, and have questioned his competency in the handling of the vaccine and the deployment strategy. So far, his plans have proven superior. We have to wait now to see how the vaccine is deployed, but I feel much more confident with Trump handling it than with Biden handling it.

For one thing, Trump isn’t really handling it. The military is. Pfizer is. Professionals on the ground are handling it. It doesn’t require some political task force to move in and muck the whole thing up, which is what Biden is planning to do. Hopefully, the strategy will go off as planned and will be successful so that Biden won’t have a viable opportunity to screw it up.

He will take credit for the job that Trump did, however. Don’t expect him to give an ounce of credit. He’s already trying to take credit for the vaccine even though he’s not even in office. Let me repeat that – Joe Biden is nothing right now. He’s not the President. He cannot do anything but make noise and project the intent of an administration. Until the vote is certified and he is sworn in, he cannot so much as issue an executive order. He can only call on people to support him.

He doesn’t deserve an ounce of credit for the vaccine or for the solution to the pandemic. Trump, Macron, and others deserve much more. Pfizer deserves it. American, French and other European, Chinese, and Russian scientists deserve the credit. Even Xi Jinping, as much as I can’t stand him, deserves credit. China mapped and published the genetic code for the virus in short order which made it possible to work on a vaccine right away.

Biden doesn’t deserve anything. He didn’t do anything. In fact, the leftist media and politicians in this country only deserve our disdain for making the pandemic worse than it otherwise would have been. They have been an obstacle to progress and to aid for this entire time.

If it were not for Trump, Biden would have locked us into our homes. Biden’s top pandemic advisor wants a 4 to 6 week lockdown of the entire country, right now. Biden says now that he doesn’t want a lockdown or mask mandate, but that is the flip side of his waffling. Pray that he doesn’t try anything drastic and that the vaccine starts shutting this virus down before he gets in. We know from last year that the spread will begin to slow by April, so his plan will have appeared to work.






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