Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube vs. Rumble, MeWe, and Parler

Nobody will read this. I won’t post it to social media because Facebook and everything like it is garbage for the soul.

Let me start by saying what is good about social media: We can keep up with friends and family around the country. We can also connect with news outlets and like-minded people in one place. It ends there.

Social media is a toxic cesspool of hate, much of which is brought about due to the weaknesses inherent in social media platforms. The first is that they want to connect with everyone on your contacts list.

Facebook is the worst for this, although the LinkedIn spam beast tried hard to win the trophy for useless shit site of the year by literally encouraging you and almost tricking you into inviting everyone in your contacts. I never did sign up for LinkedIn. The harassment campaign was too much.

Facebook, I did sign up for, at the urging of a friend. Facebook has fixed many of its flaws throughout the years. A decade ago, people hated it because they were tired of seeing endless streams of photos of kids. Facebook fixed that by grouping those types of things so that they are there for those who want them, and they’re suitably visible, yet hidden, for those who don’t.

Facebook also makes it easy to share fun lifestyle information, health information, community information. They have a buy, sell, trade section, and many other conveniences. On top of that, I can see my newsfeed while chatting with my mother. They made it so that you can trick it into showing you the most important things while still showing you the things that help keep you connected with everyone on your list. It’s not perfect, but it’s ok.

What is wrong with Facebook? A lot, like the ‘friends’ list. You get to deal with managing lists of Facebook ‘friends,’ who are usually not friends at all, but random people you met along the way in life. Now you have to answer to everyone you ever spoke with, be it ten minutes ago or four decades ago.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Facebook comes in the politics and religion angle. Many people cannot engage in discussions using their real name, and they don’t want to alienate family and friends by spamming their feeds with arguments and ceaseless rambling. Nobody gives two shits what you think of the flag, the president, the president-elect, the ass, or the elephant.

We don’t care if you’re having religious visions or if you are an incel who finally got up the nerve to ask a girl out. That’s great. Don’t post the whole story on Facebook. It’s weird. Most guys meet girls and date them and keep the bulk of it between them and their significant others. Until they decide to have a huge fight on Facebook and embarrass themselves and all of their friends in the process. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to unfollow people temporarily.

By the way, we all know you ‘Facebook love’ Jesus because you keep telling everyone how you’re willing to post information that Facebook bans, even though the banned material somehow keeps appearing on your profiles. I sometimes wish Facebook would ban it so that we could all stop seeing it. Not really, because I don’t want Facebook to ban anything, to tell me how to think, or to tell me that my friends are wrong. I’ll decide that for myself. They’re my friends and family, and I already know their issues.

Facebook makes things too easy, yet they force you to use your real name. People are crazy, and they will hunt you down for thinking differently. It is good to avoid leaving that long trail of breadcrumbs connected to smart-ass remarks, political outbursts, and the like. Find a forum and spout off there. There are countless web forums on the internet that allow for it.

The problem is that forums don’t have the nation’s best news sources right at your fingertips. Facebook does, and they want you to interact with the articles on their feed. That means every unemployable lunatic in every town in the country can jump on and start arguing, demanding evidence for every passing comment in the form of a well-researched dissertation, and then dumping on it like you didn’t actually provide evidence. If you don’t give it to them, they’ll harass you. If you do give it to them, they’ll harass you. All the while, family and friends can see the entire exchange and can see if you have turned into their weird aunt that they have to hide from the kids. So, when you want to tell someone to shove it up their ass, you can’t. You have to just let the abuse sit there.

Twitter is better because you can hide yourself a little, and it’s a little more fun for exchanges, but it’s also boring. There’s not much to do there.

Instagram would be great, but my Facebook friends and family can connect with me there. No thanks.

Youtube was a real piece of work when it got started. I almost hoped for censorship. Now, I don’t care. I like that Youtube doesn’t censor too severely. Some conservative creators make that claim, and they have been demonetized quite often in conjunction with their claim, but they are rarely censored. Most have managed to earn a living selling merchandise and memberships to outside sites that promise (yet, rarely deliver) to have more and better access to content. The truth is that Youtube’s platform works so well that they can’t just ignore it. The feed is basically free, and it works better than anything they can build on their own. Just compare it with Blaze TV, which is just awful in comparison.

Now, on to the conservative-specific social media sites. They are everything wrong with the big names but amplified by their singularity of purpose—all of them. Parler is supposed to be a free-speech alternative to Twitter. Ok, it sucks that Twitter does the bullshit things they do, but Parler is a toxic waste dump. At least Twitter has content variety, from funny cats and dogs, guys cracking their nuts in some stupid stunt, all sorts of great exploration videos, and plenty of witty commentaries.

Parler has absolutely none of that. It just has a lot of crazy conspiracy babble and ugly memes, all of it from the right. Free speech? The only free speech that exists on Parler is the right for people to agree with the site owner. That’s not free speech. Dan Bongino is a bullshitter. Nobody posts anything that isn’t conservative political spam, and the big names in the news aren’t there at all. It’s just an echo chamber of insanity. What’s so great about that?

MeWe. Ok. Not sure what to do with it, but they are libertarians or something. So much for that. There’s nothing else to say. It’s like Google Plus, which sucked perfectly fine on its own seven years ago.

Rumble. Rumble tries, but the only big names are right-wingers, like (surprise) Dan Bongino, Sean Hannity, and Dinesh D’Souza. They have funny pet videos, but they don’t have a platform that even comes close to Youtube. In fact, it was my frustration with Rumble that made me finally want to write this article. It could be great, but it isn’t.

Rumble has plenty of news, but it is from obscure right-wing sites. There is no WSJ or The Hill. There is no Reuters or AP. It’s just “Just the News,” and sites like it. Who wants that? They also have conservative podcasts. So does the Apple podcasts app, iHeartRadio, Youtube, Spotify, SiriusXM, and a million other sites. Just what we needed, another outlet to find the same noise we can get elsewhere.

I’m done. I don’t care if there are grammatical errors. Maybe I’ll check it in a week.






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