Big Tech Wants To Control Your Conversation

I know, I know. Tell us something we did not already know.

A Twitter whistleblower captured a video of Jack Dorsey, the company’s CEO, admitting that they are working to root out opinions that they think are undesirable.

He wants to claim that it is a safety issue, but it is really a censorship issue. The environment has become increasingly more dangerous as tech companies expand their censorship efforts. It actually confirms all of the idiotic Facebook posts that xyz.whatever is really trying to “wipe this from the internet.” That’s because they are trying to wipe you from the internet.

They won’t put it that way. They will wipe out the most extreme, first. Then they will move left. It is a progressive transition so that every opinion that they don’t like eventually becomes extreme since they wiped out the more extreme opinions already. He is more or less saying as much in the Project Veritas video below.





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