An Unkempt Lawn: Thoughts From The Weeds

  • How To Stop Making Things Worse

    How To Stop Making Things Worse

    I’m convinced that liberals are just violent, loud imps. I do not think they are at all honest, and I am sold on the idea that they simply want to destroy our institutions. They are full of hate, and they don’t want to bother themselves with dialogue. That’s what you wanted to hear, right? Maybe […]

  • Sadness

    I am filled with the sadness of a fool who had only one place and gave it away.

  • To Burn Or Not To Burn

    To Burn Or Not To Burn

    Members of the Minneapolis-St. Paul community rioted for several days following the death of George Floyd. The whole world saw the video of a policeman kneeling on Floyd’s neck like he was holding down his freshly killed prey. Had he held up the antlers from a deer he just shot, the officer would not have […]

  • Appreciating Music: Then and Now

    Appreciating Music: Then and Now

    The year was 1980, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, and the news was buzzing about the shooting of a famous artist. John Lennon died. To a nine-year-old boy, this event was not going to interrupt his upcoming Christmas break or the time he would have to spend with his family while not attending school. […]

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